The search box available on the sidebar is the quickest way to get around your wiki.

When you start typing something in it, it will search for that in real-time in all the wiki's pages' titles, showing you those pages' titles in a constantly updated drop-down list. You can use the arrow keys to select an entry, and the Enter or Return key to go to it.

If none of the pages in the drop-down list look like what you're searching for, you can press Enter or Return and get taken to the full list of search results.

Please note that search has the following limitations:

  • Only the "raw text" of pages is indexed -- that's the text that's stored in the page files, and the text that you see when you edit a page. This means that any content brought into a page via queries, includes, and other such "dynamic" features, will not be searchable.

  • Search results are filtered based on the read permissions of the currently logged-in user (or the anonymous user if nobody's logged in). If you search for something contained in a page you don't have permission to read, that page won't show up in the results.